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I really enjoyed hearing the opinions and thoughts of my classmates, especially when they differed from mine. Every time I came to class I knew my beliefs would be challenged, and I looked forward to these debates.” – Chloe Brown, ChemE
I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions we had in this class, getting the chance to hear my classmates’ insights, interpretations, and opinions with respect to the ethical theories and case studies we reviewed together. It’s one thing to just read through philosophical works and study real- world situations and events alone, and another entirely to have a close, dedicated group of people with different experiences and worldviews to go over them with.” – Jade Chongsathapornpong, Physics
“Ethics for Engineers created an environment where I felt comfortable contributing to discussions. It was insightful and valuable to engage in conversation with my peers and understand their perspectives in addressing the ethical dilemmas we may face in our careers and society.” – Britney Pham, ChemE