“This class provides a great atmosphere for understanding the if and how of engineering. These concepts are particularly interesting in our modernizing world where new technology can further disparities rather than bridging them. This was one of my favorite classes at MIT, and I think all engineering students should take this class.” – Olutimilehin Omotunde, EECS
“Ethics for Engineers encourages you to think deeply about how material you learn in class applies to the wider scope of life. It’s a great balance between learning about foundational frameworks, sharing individual reflections, and discussing the broadly applicable issues we may encounter as STEM professionals and as individuals in society.” – Kelly Wu, ChemE
“Every MIT student should take Ethics for Engineers: the course pushes individuals to apply a broad yet thoughtful approach when making tradeoffs and pursuing complex projects that include many stakeholders. In addition, the readings and engaging discussions lay a foundation to reason through ambiguous problems, not just in philosophy but life” – Abilash Prabhakaran, EECS